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The following client comments are taken from direct or indirect feedback for some of the natural history trips and wildlife holidays we have run in the past. The anonymous entries derive from feedback forms returned to the various companies that we organise and lead wildlife tours for, while the comments attributed to a named source originate from direct correspondence with our guides.

Thanks for a great introduction to the "bearded one". Carol & Paul N. / Thank you for a wonderful trip. We SO enjoyed it. Susi & John D. / Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Enjoyed it very much! Ellen & Stuart S. / Great stuff John, learnt a lot! Tony G. / Many thanks for the weekend – very enjoyable and instructive. Wendy & Tim W. / Thanks so much for all your expert knowledge and guiding. Barry T. / Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Ann E. / A great weekend. Many thanks. Charles K.

Iberian Lynx long weekend – BBC Wildlife reader's special    January 2018   John (Wildlife Worldwide)

John – thank you for yet another good trip. We feel that we have got to know Spain so much better through your expert guidance on various occasions. …Thank you once again for your genial company. David & Gillian A. (UK)

Strait of Gibraltar    September 2017   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Please forgive us for such a belated thanks for the Armenia trip! However, we really enjoyed the whole trip and thought the balance between birding, cultural visits and general travel was just about right. We thought it was a wonderful country with very friendly people, interesting monastic sites and spectacular landscapes – almost timeless to see the sheep, goats and cattle moving across the steppe. And we saw the [demoiselle] cranes, albeit a bit distantly! So thanks very much for great trip and really nice to meet up with you again. Tony & Sue C. (UK)

Armenia    August 2017   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you for an excellent trip and for patiently increasing my ornithological knowledge. Margaret A. (UK)

Armenia    August 2017   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

A belated, big THANK YOU for your excellent guiding, organisation and assistance with student management during the recent excursion to Andalucia. Robert M.(UK)

Strait of Gibraltar, University course    April 2017   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

As Nigel said, we had a wonderful trip to T&T with a superb guide. Thanks for all your patience and enthusiasm! Wendy & Nigel J. (UK)

Trinidad & Tobago    February 2017   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I just wanted to say a big Thank You for all the wonderful birds we saw this last week. I have only ever had a bird book and my late husband to jointly identify the birds. We often had to agree that it was yet another LBJ as we could not definitely identify what we had seen - though we did manage to identify a great many and have a lovely time doing so. But it makes a great difference to be with someone like you who knows where to look and have the knowledge to be able to identify what you are seeing in an instant. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire week and it went far too fast. Delicia W. (UK)

Morocco Spainbirds private tour    January 2017   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I wanted to thank you again for being such a brilliant guide and companion. I saw just about every plant I‘d hoped to see plus several more – the Pyrenean and martagon lilies, the wintergreens and even edelweiss, for example. Seeing so many butterflies, marmots and, on the last day, wild boar sows with a host of piglets, was a special treat. It was a great trip. Irene R.

Wildlife of the Aragonese Pyrenees    June 2017   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you for a wonderful time in the Picos and Páramos. It was amazing trip. You took us to terrific locations, each with its own character. Each day I thought you couldn’t possibly outdo the sights you’d shown us the previous day, but you did! Seeing the wonderful diversity of butterfly species and the numbers of butterflies on your wildlife trip was like visiting the Garden of Eden. It was just glorious. Everywhere we looked there seemed to be flowers and butterflies. I particularly enjoyed walking along the quiet country roads and tracks looking at the flowers and stalking the butterflies to take photos. It was great fun. // That was a remarkable trip. Thank you very much for giving your all and making it a delight for me/ us. The places were varied, and for a novice like me, the butterflies and moths (the larger ones!) were fascinating, not to mention the plants and landscape. Your knowledge is remarkable and you were very patient with my endless (and repetitive) questions. Sue S. // Diana K.

Natural History of the Picos & Páramos    July 2017   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

…already over a week since you left us and I am very sorry that it has taken me so long to tell you how much we enjoyed the trip in all its aspects. We were more than delighted with what we did, the places we visited including those which we had asked to see for non-birding reasons. So, once again, many thanks. You couldn’t have been more amenable to our wishes. I guess the highlight, apart from the cranes of course, were the Black Wheatears, the Lammergeier, especially as we saw them mating, and the Wallcreeper – such good views! Andrea & Martin O. (UK)

Gallocanta, Belchite & pre-Pyrenees private 4d trip    December 2016   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I really enjoyed our trip as well. I wrote down what I remembered but should have done it right away, because I know there were more than I’m remembering. There were way more than I was expecting for August! Katie H. (USA)

Madrid birding day trip    August 2016   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I just want to thank you for giving us all a wonderful holiday. It turned out just as I had hoped it would; having a personal guided adventure with an expert was much better than I had dreamed of. John C. // Thank you so much for a lovely week. You did a great job helping Imani get to know some of the nature around her and also with the photography. Justin C.

A Family Wildlife Holiday in the Picos de Europa    August 2016   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

We had another great [Spainbirds] trip in Spain! …when we birded with John, it didn't take long to realize he is also a world-class bird guide, and he is FANTASTIC with butterfly ID! In only 4 days we saw 148 species of birds, and 65 species of butterflies. Probably twice as many butterflies as we would have been able to ID on our own. A truly wonderful trip, thank you so much for arranging it. Keith & Jackie P. (USA)

La Mancha + Gredos private 4d trip    June 2016   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Just a note to thank you and Jeff for a really great holiday in the Pyrenees last week. We enjoyed it a lot, and it was great to meet you again and to enjoy the delicious lunches you provided, and the cake you brought for my birthday. We were pleased to see so many habitats and interesting species during the week and the company was excellent too. I'll never forget the view from Estanys de La Pera and we are both thinking of returning in the near future to explore a bit more of the area. Thanks for all you did ferrying us about and making the week special. Geoffrey H. & James L.

Wildlife of the Catalan Pyrenees    June 2016   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

We both want to thank you very much for a really great week. We loved it – wildlife, flowers, birds, reptiles, scenery and all – and of course all the delicious food and booze. Thanks for all your hard work. Tricia & Richard B. // Many thanks for a wonderful week; we thoroughly enjoyed it & learnt so much. Helen & Peter M.

A Feast of Flowers in the Picos de Europa    May 2016   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I had a good day. I saw several birds that were completely new to me and excellent views of some I had only glimpsed previously, or hummed and hahed about what they were, so I felt very satisfied. Gill W. (UK)

Madrid birding day trip    January 2016   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you for such a great day yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you and certainly one of our most relaxed and enjoyable birding outings-especially the lunchtime venue! Matthew and I very much appreciated your expertise and thank you for your patience with two relatively new to birding converts. The highlight for me was probably hearing the wood lark singing so clearly and possibly for Matthew it was the azure winged magpies, although for both of us, it was quite magical watching the vultures passing over head. Thank you again for a memorable day. Caroline & Matthew M. (USA)

Madrid birding day trip    October 2015   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

A most enjoyable trip. The breadth and depth of your knowledge on all aspects of natural history is most impressive. We very much appreciated the effort you put into both accommodating our particular interests and requests, and showing us things that we wouldn't even have guessed were there. It was very rewarding to see some fantastic Spanish landscapes in the company of someone with such experience of and affection for them. Marian T. & Stephen R.

Autumn in Andalucía   October 2015   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you again for your expert guidance, and accommodating other points of interest along the way. It was a very enjoyable three days all around, and a wonderful brief introduction to the Canary Islands. Indra & Heiko A. (AUS)

Canary Islands private trip    September 2015   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Just to say a big thank you for leading such a memorable trip. We really enjoyed the scenery of both areas and would certainly like to visit again sometime. Although it was a little disappointing that the bears were not so visible this year, the butterflies did not disappoint and the birds were pretty good too! I have over 400 photos to process which will bring back lots of very good memories. At least we had excellent views of one bear – certainly one bear is better than none! Jeff & Celia H. (UK)

Brown Bears, Birds & Butterflies    August 2015   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Can't thank you enough for what was the most amazing experience. You made our trip to the Picos de Europa most memorable. On a scale of one to ten, ten and a bit doesn't cover it. Your hospitality seemed boundless. And Carmen and Oscar at the lovely Posada El Hoyal were so accommodating. Sincerely hope to see you again, maybe next June. Norah & Brian L. // Many thanks for the fantastic trip. We were all quite exhausted at the end from seeing so many wonderful flowers, birds, butterflies, moths, beetles and even newts. It was also so interesting visiting a different habitat every day. I particularly liked the trip to the limestone plateau, which also involved travelling though a very different landscape. Meg G.

A Feast of Flowers in the Picos de Europa   May 2015   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Just wanted to get off a belated note to you about our birding trip to Extremadura on 10-16 May. I had a great time, accommodations and food exceeded my expectations as did the birds. John was a great guide. By far the most expert birding guide I’ve ever had. And notably, for those of us not among the more expert birders on the trip, he made sure we all had great views of all the fantastic birds seen. Very patient with those of us (all one of me) new to European birds. I’d definitely recommend him to friends, and would not hesitate to sign on to one of his tours again. Mark L. (USA)

Extremadura & Gredos : In The Wild West Of Spain!   May 2015   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Thank you for arranging such a great tour. It was very enjoyable and you and Jeff were such good and patient leaders; I hope to come with you again. // I really didn't expect such varied environments, from the elegant 19th century botanic garden to jagged lava flows and laurel forest - but the liveliness of the group and the knowledge of the leaders made for a really memorable, enjoyable trip. And warm sunshine in March was a treat too! // Many thanks for an excellent time in Tenerife and La Gomera and for sharing your great knowledge of the islands. I thought it a really good idea to have those interludes in the botanic gardens to give us time to appreciate some of the endemics in 'captivity'. Irene R. / Anne F. / Jane C. /

Spring in the Western Canaries   March 2015   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you so much for showing us so much of the wonderful scenery and varied habitats around Pesaguero this last long weekend: we really packed in so much. The hotel was lovely and the food excellent-and then there were the moths and other insects as well! // Many thanks for a great weekend: the moths were great, with many new species for me. Having recently started doing orthoptera, the wide variety of grasshoppers and crickets was most impressive. Identifying them all will keep me busy over the next few months. The wildcat sighting had to be the highlight, though, and quite amazing that we were able to see it from such short range. Although you told us of their presence in the area 2 years ago, I never imagined I would ever have the opportunity to photograph one! Helen B. / Chris P.

Autumn Moth Weekends   Sept 2014   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

It was great that we saw the bears on the first day and then managed to see them and others later on. Thank you for organizing the holiday so well and for doing all the driving, plant and insect ID and providing such delicious lunches. Even on the days we didn't find any bears we saw some lovely new areas and had some very interesting walks. Thank you once again for a superb holiday. Annette F.

In Search of the Littlest Grizzly   August 2014   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thanks for a lovely holiday in the Spanish Pyrenees. We saw lots of wildlife - butterflies, fantastic flowers, lizards, etc. The hotel was nice, the food good, the day trips brilliant and the weather was pretty good too! Janet & Chris P.

Wildlife of the Catalan Pyrenees   July 2014   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you for such a lovely holiday. We visited such a variety of habitats and saw such a wealth of flowers, it was really fantastic. We have got great photos and are still sorting them out! We thoroughly enjoyed the moths as well: quite fascinating. You worked so hard and we really appreciated your efforts. The hotel was just right too. Hope to come on another holiday sometime. // Just wanted to write you a little note to tell you how much I enjoyed playing in your 'backyard'. The scenery and flora were everything that I envisioned and left me wanting more. I'll try to swing another trip your way in the next year or two. Again thank you for a great week. Margaret & Alan H. / Pat H.

A Feast of Flowers in the Picos de Europa   May-June 2014   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thanks very much for your blog report last week. That's a mighty fine photo of our 'quarry'. Once again, many thanks for leading another wonderful tour. As I write this with the rain beating on the window, I'm longing for the sun and equable temperatures we experienced in Andalusia, along with the fantastic habitats. We appreciate all your efforts to give us as much opportunity to see as much as possible, and for your informative, entertaining and good company throughout. Also a great week for raptors. Missing those red deer already! John & Carol R. (UK)

Spanish Lynx Quest   Oct 2013   John (Travelling Naturalist)

Wow, this is a great list! Thank you for making the bird watching wonderful. Your expert knowledge and guidance was great. We saw many birds and some beautiful countryside. Indra & Heiko A. (Australia)

Extremadura Birdwatching Custom Tour   Oct 2013   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Thanks for the hospitality and generosity that you extended to us during our stay; I enjoyed the weekend immensely. The lunches that you prepared were fabulous! // Thanks again for organising an excellent mothing trip to the Picos. Everybody enjoyed both the moths and the good food.    Peter C. / Roy H.

Autumn Moth Weekend in the Picos de Europa   Sept 2013   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

It certainly was an excellent week - thank you John - enhanced by your extensive knowledge of the area & your broad wildlife skills in the field. The Raptor passage was magnificent, a real day to remember. We both thoroughly enjoyed the week. // We're glad could send us this superb report. We appreciate the work that went into its production and are glad that you found time to do it amongst all your other commitments. You needn't worry about any delay as we are still re-living the trip in our heads anyway. Thanks again Audrey & John S. (UK)

Strait Of Gibraltar : Bird Migration Special   Sep 2013   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

We had an absolutely fantastic holiday in the Picos and our trip with you was a highlight. The scenery alone was spectacular enough but the insight and expertise that you shared with us made the experience very special. Your knowledge and love for your subject(s) was obvious.. We certainly hope to return to the Picos very soon.   Martin & Tracy R.

Wildlife Walks in the Picos de Europa   Sept 2013   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

That was one of the best holidays ever - I just cannot get over how lovely seeing the bears was - I never thought we would see them so often and so many. It was such a wonderful area - and so Brits-free which is bad for the Bear Foundation but great for us; hotel fine - food ditto.   Virginia B.

In Search of the Littlest Grizzly   Aug-Sept 2013   Teresa & John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thanks for a great weekend in the Canaries. We had a really good time. The birds were good, you did a great job for us, I got some tape of several endemics even though it was not the best time of year for song. I hope we can get together for Wallcreeper! I will be in touch! Thanks again. Linda & Bob M. (USA)

Canary Islands Custom Tour   Aug 2013   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I just wanted to thank you for the trip, it was really amazing to see all the birds and the places we were at! Anders H. (Sweden)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Jun 2013   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

May I just take this opportunity to thank you both for giving us another excellent trip; you both went out of your way to make sure that we saw as much as possible, despite the late season. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and certainly learnt a lot.   Tony & Joyce H.

Wildlife of the Catalan Pyrenees   June 2013   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours) & Jeff Clarke

Thanks for a truly wonderful experience with our trip to the Picos. As I mentioned I am a late starter to the joys of the natural world, but you packed in so much in such a short period of time it was unbelievable, even a sighting of a bear which is still vivid in my memory. I cannot of course forget the wonderful lunches you kindly provided and we were really spoiled in that we did not even have to carry them!! Also the early morning moth trapping, I could go and on, it was all wonderful. // This was my first organised group holiday, and it exceeded my expectations in so many ways. There wasn't anything I didn't enjoy about it. The place, the food, the variety of habitats, the challenge of lots of information, the people. Now to decide which of your tours to go for next year… // Just a note to thank you very much indeed for making the trip to the Picos so enjoyable. In spite of the late spring we were amazed at how much we saw in the way of flowers, birds, butterflies and moths. It was excellent and much of it was due to your organising ability and in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna.   Norman S. / Anne F. / Kathleen & Neville C.

A Feast of Flowers in the Picos de Europa   May-June 2013   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Five star recommendation for Spainbirds Nature Tours. A group of four American nature lovers/birders did a 10 day trip in May 2013 with the primary focus on birding in the Extremadura and Pyrenees (Hecho Valley) regions of Spain. Spainbirds created a customized program which included a guide, transportation (minivan), lodging, and food. Our guide was John Muddeman. originally from UK, but now virtually a Spaniard with his knowledge of the language, the culture, the geography, flora, fauna and specialty in birds. John identified birds by song, habitat, flight pattern, behavior, long before we had our binoculars pointed in the right direction. Then in a flash he would be helping us to find the bird and setting up the spotting scope (which he carried everywhere all the time) and get the target bird in the middle of the scope's viewing field for everybody to see clearly. When the weather did not cooperate and made birding difficult (freezing temps plus howling wind), John cleverly revised the program to make the most of difficult conditions. We had bonus non-bird sightings every day, e.g., red deer, red fox, [southern] chamois, roe deer, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, wildflowers, orchids, native grasses. John made sure we had great creature comforts also (lodging near habitats, good food, coffee/ bathroom breaks. Every evening we reviewed the birds seen (and heard) for the day, locations visited, and planned the following day based on weather and John's timely data on rare birds observed, nesting sites, and his experience. Everybody had fun, learned a lot, saw over 165 species of birds, and would highly recommend John Muddeman / Spainbirds. // .what a great trip I (we) had with you in May. With your skilled, personable and knowledgeable guiding, we saw an incredible array of the "must see" birds of our itinerary. However, in addition to spotting the birds (often in difficult weather situations), you showed us some of the most spectacular scenery and habitat I have ever seen anywhere. You were also a gracious host, always insuring that our group was comfortable, and well-fed (perhaps too well :) ). I would heartily recommend both you and Spainbirds to anyone wanting to visit Spain and I would heartily recommend Spain to anyone interested in birding in general. We all enjoyed your company, which only helped to make our trip more fun for all of us. I hope to return to Spain soon and I will definitely contact Spainbirds as part of my future trips. I have attached a picture of you in one of the beautiful fields of wildflowers we found in Extremadura. I think it is a good picture of a great guide in a beautiful country. Patricia P. (France) / Anne K. (TX, USA)

Extremadura, Madrid, Belchite & Pyrenees Custom Tour   May 2013   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Many thanks for a wonderful week… it was a pleasure to join such an amicable group of people in pursuit of fantastic birds in such a gorgeous part of Spain. Your patience and graciousness were very much appreciated. I look forward to another SpainBirds adventure in the future. // Thank you for an excellent tour! The planning and organization were perfect. I have no complaints about the accommodations and none really about the food. I am greatly impressed by your knowledge, abilities and willingness to help. . I would not hesitate to go with you again and will highly recommendation you to anyone I bird with back in Texas. // I want to say a huge thank you for leading the trip so brilliantly. .as your ability to locate wildlife, your excellent driving and your enjoyable company. Having been on eight wildlife holidays now with various companies, I would have to say that your field skills are exceptional. For me, the highlights were the Black-shouldered Kites, the adult Spanish Imperial Eagle soaring near its nest site, the Bonelli's Eagles, the two Little Bustards chasing each other in flight, the Common Rock Thrushes …and of course, the three Otters. It really was a treat to watch so many raptors - you're very lucky to live in such a wonderful birding country. I really do hope to return before too long. Sonja S. (UK) / David M. (TX, USA) / Simon L. (UK)

Extremadura & Gredos : In The Wild West Of Spain!   Apr 2013   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Thanks again for a fine trip in March. Thanks, too, for your photos… What a great report - thorough and evocative of each of our days. John M. (UK)

Strait Of Gibraltar : Bird Migration Special   Mar 2013   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Muchas gracias por un gran viaje and for sharing your knowledge with us and showing us these wonderful islands. // We have thoroughly enjoyed another holiday with you. Thank you so much for your organisation, hospitality, knowledge, butterflies, etc., etc., etc. Hopefully we'll see you again before long. // Once again a wonderful holiday. Thank you for showing us the amazing flora and fauna and for your driving. // Thank you so much for a wonderful week - super plants, beautiful islands, etc.   Bryson H. & Sandra S. / John S. & Betty A. / Annette F. / Virginia B.

Wildlife of the Western Canaries   March 2013   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Many thanks for your detailed report. The trip provided great birding and was very well run with good food and nice accommodation. The Andújar area was excellent and very rich in wildlife, particularly raptors (Spanish imperial eagle and golden eagles giving wonderful views), and the otter sighting was a highlight for all of us. Otter was new for Malcolm who also saw a total of 35 new birds. My mother was happy with the little owls! I guess we were a bit unlucky with the Iberian Lynx, but you have to accept that is just not guaranteed to see something as elusive as that in only 3.5 days in the area. Richard B. (Kenya)

Iberian Lynx : Andújar + La Mancha   Mar 2013   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Thank you so much for the excellent trip you gave Judith & me last week. Your expertise allowed us to see so much more than I expected; without you we were unlikely to have found the lynx given the very difficult conditions. It was a privilege to see this lovely creature even at a distance. Also without you we would never have found the quantity of bird species, a good number of which were new to me. The eagles & vultures were dramatically impressive, the colours of many of the smaller species superb; and I can't forget the little owls, Iberian grey shrike & the hoopoe who seemed to be on duty at their perches whenever we passed by. The stops at the lakes & steppes en route to Andújar were great. Although it would still be an achievement, I don't have the same hankering to look for great bustard on Salisbury Plain now. We don't even have a chance of seeing the little bustard over here. Penny B. & Judith R. (UK)

Iberian Lynx : Andújar + La Mancha   Feb 2013   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

I did very much enjoy my half day outside Madrid. Andrew K. (Australia)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Sep 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thanks once again for the excellent tour, it definitely added another dimension to our holiday :) Mark & Rachel W. (UK)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Sep 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Bev and I will always remember the wonderful village you took us to lunch [in Madrid] and the non-urban Spain you introduced us to. Wonderful people, environment, culture, food and wine. One of the best trips we've ever had! Don H. & Bev B. (USA)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Sep 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

It was delightful to watch so many birds which I have never seen. Thank you so much for taking me to the birding in Madrid. And also thanks a lot for your e-mail and the bird list. My list which was made in the air plane recorded about 50 bird species including 11 raptors. Setsu F. (Japan)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Aug 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Once again just to say how impressed we were with your organisation, driving and catering skills. We wanted for nothing more. All in all it was a very enjoyable holiday, just right for us.  John S. & Betty A.

Butterflies & Moths of the S Valleys of the Picos   July 2012   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thanks again for the wonderful time birding around Madrid. Take care and let me know if you would like a short testimonial for your web site, you were great and Madrid is a great place for lots of birds. Marty O'M. (USA)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Jun 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thanks for yesterday. Really enjoyed it and saw many birds that I have never seen before. Will defo be in touch next time I am in Spain! Jay K. (UK)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Jun 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Vernon and I truly enjoyed our day of birding with you. We appreciate the efforts you made in locating so many of the targeted birds. Anyway, we just wanted to let you know how great of a guide you are. We'll be sure to pass along your name if anyone asks for birding references in Spain. Carl & Vernon H. (USA)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   May 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

A quick note to thank you for being such a good and thoughtful guide/driver to us oldies! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and realised that we saw 75 new species - not the we are counting. Both hotels were good and the itinerary worked very well, especially as you were able to adapt it to suit the weather etc. // I want to thank you for leading a trip that was always interesting and fun. I think your knowledge of the natural world of Extremadura and Gredos is extraordinary, maybe unsurpassed. I also appreciate your patience with me, always a little slow and often overwhelmed by all the new birds. You were most thoughtful in trying to show me everything! I learned a lot, although not as much as I should have. I loved Spain. I'm so glad that I could participate in your tour and be able to see the countryside. And how beautiful it was, with wild flowers at their peak. Gillian & David A. (UK) / Nova F. (USA)

Extremadura & Gredos : In The Wild West Of Spain!   May 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Many thanks for a good trip in Spain last May. We were really satisfied with our trip with highlights as Dupont's lark and Bonelli's eagle and many others. Olof B. (Finland)

La Mancha, Madrid & Segovia Custom Tour   May 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Spainbirds Nature Tours)

Thanks again for a wonderful four days in the Picos, for sharing your knowledge (and binoculars!). What a joy to find an all round natural history enthusiast!. We have good memories of the Picos flower meadows, vultures etc.; the mind's eye is a wonderful thing…   Martin & Susanne R.

Picos de Europa   May 2012   Teresa (Collett's Mountain Holidays)

I really enjoyed getting out of city and having a taste of nature! Thanks again for a wonderful day. Diane S. (USA)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   May 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

.on my own in Gredos. Some good birds - but still not the feast you gave me in Extremadura! You gave me a great few days, and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your eye, ear, experience and patience. It was a real pleasure to travel with you and I hope in due course to do something similar again with you. Anthony S. (UK)

Extremadura Custom Tour   Apr 2012   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

What a great two weeks we had, thank you both so much. La Gomera was my favourite place, with the lichens and ferns to please us.   Ginny C.

Voyage of Discovery: Canary Islands   Feb 2012 Teresa & John (Island Holidays)

I would like to thank you both very much for the excellent trip to the Canary Islands. I learnt a lot and can now sort out euphorbias and echiums more or less. Without John's help I would have missed much of the fauna such as stilts, tree frogs and pilot whales. I am full of admiration for your driving skills in face of aggressive bus drivers and on mountain roads. Your lunches were much appreciated. Thank you too for allowing me to join you as a single person and for all the extra effort over gluten-free meals, not to mention the extra airport journey.   Margaret M.

Voyage of Discovery: Canary Islands   Feb 2012 Teresa & John (Island Holidays)

Wanted to thank you again for such a stellar day of birding. It will remain one of those "special" days I will not forget. Patti O. (USA)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Nov 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

We both had such a brilliant trip thanks to you and Tim. I'm still replaying it in my head and have really enjoyed editing all my photos. What a good mix of people and the birds weren't bad either! Hope your next trip goes as well. // Just a quick message to say a big thank you to you all for all the help, support, expertise and laughs you offered to me last week [in Extremadura], as I attempted my first bird-watching holiday. I intend to do more, in the hope that everyone on such a trip is as nice as you lot. // .your fabulous Extremadura trip in October. It was a fantastic trip for me, with many marvellous new birds and great company. I was particularly pleased that we had such good views of almost all of the larger birds. I have received the trip report, for which very many thanks indeed. Reading through it brings back many memories of the trip, and of the great time we had and the amazing birds we saw. Very many thanks for such a fantastic time in Spain. Barbara & David W. (UK) / Linden A. (UK) / Geoff P. (UK)

Extremadura   Oct 2011   John (Travelling Naturalist)

..back home after a fantastic bird excursion and a hectic meeting in Madrid I have been able to study the list you sent to me. Many thanks for that list, it is very helpful. In my calculation I saw or heard 71 species.. ..some 13-14 totally new species is not bad! Olof B. (Finland)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Sep 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Just a brief thankyou for an excellent day out. We were amazed with the quality and quantity of birds about (72 on the day). Really the whole day was beautifully balanced and organised and obviously your part of Spain has an amazing amount to offer. Thanks again for a memorable day and I'm sure next year (or the year after) when we are next travelling in Spain we will contact you for another fine day out. Colin & Maureen B. (UK)

Segovia Birdwatching & Wildlife Day Trip   May 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you for a fantastic 2 days of wildlife watching in Extremadura. Alex and I really enjoyed all the bird, butterfly, dragonfly, lizards and otter watching!! We felt like we'd had more than 2 days with you as you showed us so much! Alex & Frances R. (UK)

Extremadura Birdwatching Short Break   May 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you for the e-mails and the pics (brilliant!) - very kind of you, knowing what you have to fit your time around. We had a great time and the views you got us of some very difficult species was very impressive. Thank you John for your expertise and company. Rob and Lynda E. (Wales)

La Mancha, Strait Of Gibraltar, Extremadura & Segovia Custom Tour   May 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thanks John for a great two days. You are a terrific guide, and I especially appreciated your patience and help in getting my aging eyes on birds - and in knowing where to find them to start with. Finishing up with the Greater Flamingo, Bearded Reedling and White-headed Duck, was just a wonderful way to end our trip to Spain. In fact, we were kind of hoping our flight would be postponed a day so we could call you up and say let's go find the Marbled Ducks! I guess we'll save that for next time. / As you know, we had a fabulous time! I have already recommended you to two different people here who had emailed to ask about our trip. Highest recommendation! Gerry W. & Bruce R. (USA)

La Mancha & Madrid Birdwatching Short Break   May 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you very much for organising such an enjoyable and interesting trip to Almeria. I enjoyed it all very much - the wildlife, much of which was new to me, seeing so much of the area in the week, the early morning activities, the lovely lunches, the friendly good hotel, the very congenial company and the perfect weather. It all ran so smoothly - you had obviously put a lot of thought and time into the preparations. As my first experience of a wildlife holiday it was great.   I Morgan.

Wildlife of Almeria   April 2011   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Just to say that I enjoyed the week's glimpse of Almeria's wildlife, and it was really interesting to see how species evolve to cope with the harsher environment of parts of the region.I also enjoyed seeing nine species of bird that I'd not seen before and now being confident I can identify one or two more.   Penny C.

Wildlife of Almeria   April 2011   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I would like to say how much I enjoyed your company and that of James and the other participants on the trip. The hotel, the food and of course the excellent weather all came together to make a perfect holiday and the whole week was made infinitely more enjoyable by one of the most pleasant and agreeable sets of people one could ever wish to travel with. As for the organisation and the detailed thought and planning which you in particular put in place I have to say that it couldn't have been bettered and James's participation made the whole event so much more delightful. Thank you again Teresa and I look forward to meeting up with you again and who knows, maybe travelling with you somewhere in Iberia in the not too distant future.   Peter R.

Wildlife of Almeria   April 2011   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I'm back home again after a successful meeting, and of course a successful birding trip! The species, scenery, weather, and the pleasant guidance made this a very special experience. I put together a list of species (in Dutch) and counted 59 in total, of which 13 new on my list-of-all-times. But in addition to seeing new species, it's the habitat of e.g. the bustards, the various flocks of raptors floating in the thermal winds, and of course the junk yard full of vultures which is most memorable. I'm glad it worked out all so well. Many thanks again, and I will certainly get in touch on a next occasion. Eric G. (Holland)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Mar 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Lyn and I are very grateful to you for guiding us so expertly around the delights of Extremedura. We thoroughly enjoyed your company and both feel very fortunate to have been able to share some of Spain's best kept secrets. We hope they remain as such for years to come! Lyn and Ron G. (UK)

Extremadura Custom Tour   Mar 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

We really enjoyed our travels in Spain. Our day of birding with you was fun for me and rewarding for Don. I got some very nice photos. Barbara & Don B. (USA)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Mar 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Again thank you for the day around Madrid. Appreciate your style, and knowledge. Glad we got the black-bellied sandgrouse as it did not show up in Morocco. Trust you are rewarded for the integrity of your work. Duncan H. (Arizona, USA)

Madrid Birdwatching Day Trip   Mar 2011   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I had a spectacular week in the beautiful landscapes of Cantabria - including the lush Picos mountains - and saw over three hundred species of butterflies and moths, including many that I have never seen before such as Gavarnie Blue, Blue-spot Hairstreak and the sensational Hornet Clearwing. The tour was brilliantly organized and Teresa is a fantastic guide, with expert knowledge of the region's flora and fauna.   Matthew G.

Butterflies & Moths of the Picos de Europa   July 2010   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

With great clarity Mike explained and demonstrated the distinguishing features of the dragonflies and butterflies // Chosen because birds were NOT the main focus. I thought it was a very good all round natural history tour - with plenty of time for photographers. // Mike had an excellent breadth of knowledge. // Mike's style - relaxed, knowledgeable, helpful.   Various Anon

Cévennes   June 2010   Mike (The Travelling Naturalist)

The bird-watching and identification by Mike - excellent.   M. J. Box

Ebro Delta   June 2010   Mike (The Travelling Naturalist)

I wanted to thank you personally for a happy holiday. Although I'm not that interested in plants I did enjoy wandering through the meadows and learning about their history. The butterflies were good too, and I always enjoy seeing big birds overhead. The hotel was very pleasant and the food was interesting; I also appreciated the care you took over giving us a different lunch each day. It was very generous of you to invite us into your home.   Mary W.

Spain: Picos de Europa   May 2010   Teresa (Island Holidays Plus)

Just a note to say thank you for an excellent holiday with you and Jeff. Everything was just splendid, the group all got on so well, your picnics were amazing, accommodation great, etc., etc. I learnt such a lot and the photos I took, all 670 of them, were great: a good reminder of a superb trip.   Jacqui F.

Picos de Europa   May 2010   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours / Jeff Clarke Ecology

Carol and I wish to thank you very much and say blinking well done in organising and giving us a splendid week in another fabulous area of Spain. We appreciated all the effort put in on the recce, your choice of accommodation, which was comfortable, characterful, with great food. Most of all your good company and expert knowledge. We were lucky to witness the extraordinary migration caused by the weather pattern. The Delta was not at all what we were expecting.. ..but all the birds were so, so close up and filled the view through binoculars. It was a brilliant week. Just printed your report for our holiday file, and realised I hadn't thanked you for it. Please don't apologise for a 13 page report being "thin". It's a superb summary of a splendid trip.   John & Carol R.

N Valencia & Ebro Delta + area   May 2010   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

We met up with Pam and John today and we spent quite a bit of time reminiscing about Spain. We really did enjoy every minute of it. // Thanks for organising a wonderful holiday. We all had a great time in Spain.   Angela & Trevor P. // Pam & John C.

Strait of Gibraltar, Doñana, Extremadura & Gredos   April 2010   John (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

John Muddeman is a hugely enthusiastic and knowledgeable leader, probably the best in my limited experience. I would gladly participate in any tour of which he were leader.   John S.

E Austria   Aug-Sep 2009   John (The Travelling Naturalist / Limosa)

Thank you so much for a lovely, enjoyable and informative week in the Catalan Pyrenees. It was wonderful and a real pleasure to be in your company.   Dudley & Jean C.

Wildlife of the Catalan Pyrenees   June 2009   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

John was brilliant as usual! // Very impressed with John's field skills and dedication to providing participants with a good holiday.   Jeff B. // Anon

Switzerland   June 2009   John (The Travelling Naturalist / Limosa)

Mike Lockwood was excellent, with all the skills needed to make a tour of this nature the success it was.   Anon

Cévennes   June 2009   Mike (The Travelling Naturalist)

Thanks for organising the holiday trek. I enjoyed it very much, in every way. I learned a lot but also realised anew how much more there is to know.   John C.

A Feast of Flowers in the Picos de Europa   June 2009   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

The most profound and copious thanks to you for such a wonderful holiday, for the huge success of which, I know you worked very, very hard, as always.   Paul B.

Páramos of Northern Castile   May 2009   Teresa (Botanical Society of the British Isles)

Most enjoyable. Both leaders friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, amazing masters of organisation & worked well together.   Anon

E Austria   May 2009   John (The Travelling Naturalist / Limosa)

Teresa did a superb job. Her skills as an all-round naturalist are of the highest order - whether it be a hybrid orchid, a fleeting butterfly, a brightly coloured lizard, or even a snail, she was always able to make some kind of identification which she often spent time later checking out. Instant identifications are always suspect but Teresa's were always duly considered and also, on occasions, drew on the knowledge of her participants. A very special mention must be made of Teresa's picnic lunches - these were outstanding. At the start of the week she checked on personal likes and dislikes and made sure that we all got the foods we enjoyed. Teresa's picnics are about as far removed from the traditional "packed lunch" as it is possible to be.   Brian & Gill F.

Western Portugal   March 2009   Teresa (Island Holidays Plus)

After an amazing trip to Extremadura we chose this trip against that of any competitor specifically because John Muddeman was leading. He is outstanding in every respect. We would certainly travel with him again if that were possible. // John Muddeman has outstanding all-round knowledge and field skills. He was also pleasant… // John is an excellent leader and all-round naturalist.   Angela & Trevor P. // Various Anon

Trinidad & Tobago   Jan-Feb 2009   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Thank you for a splendid trip and for looking after us so well - and especially for finding all those lifers for me! I so much enjoyed your special brand of humour.   Sylvia S.

Churchill, Canada   October 2008   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

We just wanted to say thank you for a great week. I felt I had learned a lot by the end of it (being the one with the most to learn!) and we had a really excellent time. You live in a fabulous part of the world. Thanks for all the picnics and gin and tonic! Highly memorable!   Marion P.

Butterflies & Moths of the Picos de Europa   July 2008   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thanks again, from both of us, for another splendid trip. You put a huge amount of effort into it, as always, and I know how much we all appreciated this.   John & Dorothy E.

Valle de Benasque (Aragonese Pyrenees)   June-July 2008   Teresa (Botanical Society of the British Isles)

A super trip with enough of everything to keep everyone interested and happy … We found Mike's friendly and good-humoured leadership, combined with his command of the language, knowledge of the area and interest in just about everything, very inspiring. A very knowledgeable and competent guide. // Mike, as before, was an excellent guide. Very informative, good fun and a pleasure to be with. … A great holiday and very much recommended to anyone with a general interest in wildlife. // A great all-round knowledgeable leader, great with humans too.   Various Anon

Vall d'Aran   June-July 2008   Mike (The Travelling Naturalist)

Could not be bettered. Choice of each day spot on, full on interest with a huge diversity of wildlife. For the second time the leadership could not be bettered. Intensely committed that we should see as much as possible. Extremely patient … and fast at identifying birds and butterflies on the wing. Huge botanical and geographical knowledge. Took care of us all.   Cynthia M.

Cévennes   June 2008   Mike (The Travelling Naturalist)

I just wish to add my appreciation of all you did to make our holiday so good. You opened my eyes to so many things in the field - and the sky - there is a great deal to learn! Thank you.   Carole H.

Spain: Picos de Europa   May 2008   Teresa (Island Holidays Plus)

We really enjoyed the trip. John has excellent hearing and spotting skills. He was very good at helping you to find the bird/insect when you couldn't spot it yourself. Seeing the results of the evening moth trap almost made the trip!   Various Anon

Andalucía & Extremadura   April-May 2008   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Pretty perfect!   Anon

Menorca   Apr 2008   Mike (The Travelling Naturalist)

May we thank you for your part in a truly inspiring trip, for your sharp eyes, for your knowledge -so freely shared-, and your involvement in an excellent report. Not to mention all that driving!   Colin & Hilary B.

Extremadura   April 2008   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Extremely enjoyable, excellent birds, wonderful landscapes, expert and very pleasant leaders.   Michael R.

Northern Spain   Nov 2007   Mike (The Travelling Naturalist)

Brilliant leader! // Excellent organisation, good hotel & grateful thanks to John for his hard work and enthusiasm, especially for the bearded tits, golden oriole and bittern.   Various Anon

E Austria   Aug-Sep 2007   John (The Travelling Naturalist / Limosa)

What a great trip. We really enjoyed it, and you worked so hard to help us, and provide so many wildlife delights as well as the fantastic picnics. What a week, such butterflies are an absolute delight. It was great all round. // I want to thank you for such a wonderful holiday in the Picos. I enjoyed every minute in that beautiful place and your organisation was superb.   Julia B. // Mavis G.

Butterflies & Moths of the Picos de Europa   June-July 2007   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

This trip far exceeded our expectations because of John's breadth of knowledge - butterflies, birds and flowers, we were almost overwhelmed with pleasure // This was my first holiday abroad and it was delightful // a wonderful experience - thank you all very much!    Patience T. // Various Anon

Switzerland   June 2007   John (The Travelling Naturalist / Limosa)

What a team! Very knowledgeable, caring, endlessly patient and attentive to detail. We couldn't have been in better hands. Nothing was too much trouble for them. I learned a lot. A well-planned week with flexibility to alter plans according to circumstances. // For the whole group the walking was "just right" which was very good leader management.   Various Anon

Eastern Pyrenees   June 2007   Mike (The Travelling Naturalist)

It was a delight to have John and Dave as leaders again - they bring so much expertise and fun to the holiday // The knowledge and observation from John and Dave was outstanding, as was the humour! // The holiday was an excellent experience. I cannot praise the skill and knowledge of the leaders too much. I will recommend your firm at every opportunity.   Babelle D. // Peter W. // Anon

Spanish Pyrenees   June 2007   John (The Travelling Naturalist / Limosa)

Teresa's enthusiasm for her subject was infectious! We were very lucky to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated leader.   Anon

Picos de Europa   June 2007   Teresa (The Travelling Naturalist)

Teresa was excellent, and her 'extra treats' (at lunch and in her home) were much appreciated. // Enjoyed the holiday very much, although the weather was unkind at times. Teresa did us proud in having to rearrange our itinerary each day. The flower meadows were wonderful. // Thank you very much for looking after us and working so hard to make our holiday interesting, but especially for all the extras - moth traps, super food, pre-dinner drinks and cups of tea, and welcoming us into your home. // Just a quick note to say thanks once again for a wonderful holiday. We hope to go back to the Picos sometime in the future to check the butterflies out and sample some of the sunshine.   Ian & Elspeth W. // Joyce M. // Ian & Monica McL. // Jane & Roy L.

Spain: Picos de Europa   May 2007   Teresa (Island Holidays Plus)

Thanks once again for such a good trip. Really appreciated all your efforts with all of us, even the least knowledgeable. // We thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful excursion you organised and just wanted to thank you again for the huge effort we know you put in to it all to make it so successful. Grazalema was a perfect centre for us and the surrounding area just superb. My mind is so full of new species and those wonderfully rich assemblages we saw everywhere. Our very warmest thanks to you. // Thank you so much for the wonderful time you gave us in the Grazalema natural park. Grazalema itself was such a charming mountain town, and the surroundings were both spectacular and accessible. We were very excited to be introduced to so many choice plants. I very much hope we can join one of your splendid tours again. // Very many thanks for a wonderful week in a beautiful area. I was very glad to be with you and the keen members of the BSBI, and I only hope I shall be able to remember all the new plants I saw. Thank you again for all your hard work in looking after us so well.   Caroline B. // Jane & Maurice C. // Joy and James C. // Mary-Clare S.

Sierra de Grazalema   April 2007   Teresa (Botanical Society of the British Isles)

John and Ray were both charming and excellent leaders, keen that we saw as much as possible. John especially is a mine of information & knowledge of the area. Both are careful considerate drivers and excellent birders // John's expert regional knowledge is a real asset to the trip. Flexibility for the weather was essential - tour leader decisions seemed to be absolutely right given the difficult conditions // Thanks John and Ray for a lovely trip - I enjoyed every minute and learned a lot // At times I had trouble keeping up with John's enthusiasm - a good fault!    Various Anon

Extremadura   March-April 2007   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Within 10 minutes it felt like we had known each other for years. 4 great friends on a fantastic holiday. John's birding skills - well what can you say! It was just brilliant!   Angela & Trevor P.

Extremadura   March 2007   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Many thanks for a fantastic holiday! We look forward to meeting up again. // John's consideration of other people and his knowledge and quick spotting of birds made the trip extra special // Very good wildlife skills from both, with John Muddeman providing the additional interpersonal skills of the highest quality.   Ken & Angela B. // Various Anon

Trinidad & Tobago   January 2007   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Excellent week with considerate leaders, wonderful birds & good company // Both leaders were of the usual high standards of Travelling Naturalists and they did all they could to make our tour enjoyable // Many thanks to John & Ray for such a superb trip. John's knowledge, enthusiasm and sociability is second to none.   Various Anon

Northern Spain   Nov-Dec 2006   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Just a quick personal note to thank you for your leadership of lake Neusiedl in Autumn, from which I have just returned. Your keen-eyed spotting and excellent i.d. skills made it a holiday to remember. I saw several 'lifers' including many waders and raptors, great bustard, golden oriole, bee-eater, turtle dove, raven and siskin. Also many new butterflies inc large copper, great banded grayling, swallowtail and short-tailed blue. I have written separately to Limosa to say how happy I was with the holiday and hope I can travel with you again in the future.   David G.

E Austria   August 2006   John (Limosa)

Hilarious, I have never laughed so much on a holiday. Both the leaders were most professional but also very kind and FUN to be with. I don't know why they put up with me! // Thanks to both leaders for their knowledge of wildlife, giving us the chance to look through 'scopes and their general care and consideration. Once again, an excellent Travelling Naturalist holiday // It was fun to be with both John & David and their skills were awesome; they made sure we all saw the birds through their 'scopes. I was impressed by the way John fitted the itinerary to the daily weather conditions, especially waiting patiently for a fine day before going to the Schneeberg // With John Muddeman one can't go wrong.   Veronica M. // Various Anon

E Austria   Aug-Sep 2006   John (Limosa)

We all had a truly memorable week with you in the Picos, which was in many respects due to your efforts. Not only did you take us to many beautiful places in search of more and more butterflies, but you looked after our every need perfectly, from when you first met us at the airport, until you dropped us off there a week later. Thank you so much. We will recommend you to all of our friends who we think would find your butterfly trips to their liking and hopefully you will meet some.   Barrie, Anita & Elliot S.

Butterflies & Moths of the Picos de Europa: Children's Special   August 2006   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Just a short note to thank you for the enjoyable holiday. We arrived as almost complete novices and certainly learned a lot during the week - although clearly we have a long way to go before butterfly identifications can be confidently achieved!   Maris & Mel M.

Butterflies & Moths of the Picos de Europa   July 2006   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

I greatly appreciated the outstanding leadership throughout the trip. I would gladly travel with both John and Robin again.   Anon

Spanish Pyrenees   June 2006   John (The Travelling Naturalist / Limosa)

Thank you again for a great holiday in June. We saw an excellent variety of butterflies, birds and orchids and our stay was peaceful and pleasant; you looked after us extremely well.   Mike & Irene S.

A Feast of Flowers in the Picos de Europa   June 2006   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Teresa's all-round expertise made this an outstanding trip for plants, moths, butterflies, insects and birds. // I thoroughly enjoyed my recent holiday with you and was amazed how much I learnt. Thank you very much for all that you did for us.   David & Margaret G. // Wendy W.

Picos de Europa   June 2006   Teresa (The Travelling Naturalist)

A demanding job, well done by both // Both leaders were brilliant! // Support for me with my dodgy legs could not have been more generous, and was much appreciated   Various Anon

Extremadura   April 2006   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

I could not imagine better leaders. They were patient and utterly charming // Superb manners - very tolerant with the unknowledgeable - made the whole trip exciting and fun // Brilliant! // Excellent++ // Superb! // Couldn't fault either of our guides in tact, attitude and knowledge of natural history // Both leaders were friendly and of course with excellent birding skills. We were taken to picturesque sites and at the right time to experience excellent birding moments. E.g. Montagu's harriers over our heads, nightingale at fountain, bee-eaters flocking and more. Very helpful with flower identification (and snakes!)   Various Anon

Menorca   April 2006   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Thank you both for an excellent natural history week, well organised without being intensive, and we saw a lot of plants, birds and insects - and we ate well too! // We've had a truly wonderful week with you and John! It was a great privilege to be in the company of so many excellent naturalists and to have the chance to see so many of Portugal's specialities. // I wanted to write to thank you for a great week. Your food is fantastic and I don't know how you manage your two hats of organiser/caterer and guide. Thanks very much for everything, and for taking us to such lovely and botanically rich places and for all you did to make it an interesting and challenging trip.   Malcolm E. // Maurice & Jane C. // Sarah S.

Western Portugal   March 2006   Teresa & John (Botanical Society of the British Isles)

John's leadership was very good. His sense of humour and decision making were first class. He contributed greatly to the tour's success // Both leaders great and easy to communicate with - & fun!   Various Anon

Galápagos & Ecuador   Oct-Nov 2005   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Having just returned from the holiday, my first with The Travelling Naturalist, I felt I must write to thank you for a really fantastic week. Leader, John Muddeman was a superb guide and, in spite of suffering a very heavy summer cold, was unstinting in taking his little group to every place possible to find a wealth of bird species. His lively personality, obvious joy in birds and all aspects of wildlife has left me with a desire to join him on another trip as soon as finances permit. My thanks to all concerned in making this such a wonderful experience.   Judith C.

Extremadura   Sep-Oct 2005   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Many thanks for a great week's birding in southern Spain. Please pass on my thanks to John and Stephen for their able assistance. I managed 158 species seen, plus 1 heard, having dropped just 7 over the week, as well as a host of butterflies and moths. I was so impressed with the trip, I used it as an example of good customer experience, at our company's recent leadership seminar. Many thanks!   Stephen G.

Andalucía   September 2005   John (Limosa)

We had a wonderful time - butterflies, moths, scenery and sunshine, as well as a welcoming comfortable hotel and good company. // Thank you for the very enjoyable holiday we recently spent with you. We very much appreciate the effort you made to make the holiday varied and interesting. We were very lucky with the weather and the butterflies and moths performed well. The Picos is a beautiful area.   Tony B. // Mike & Irene S.

Butterflies & Moths of the Picos de Europa   July 2005   Teresa (Iberian Wildlife Tours)

Thank you so much for a marvellous vacation. What a perfect way to celebrate our 35th anniversary. You have shown us some great birds - and also butterflies, dragonflies and glorious flowers. We look forward to going with you on a Limosa trip to Spain some time.    Nadine & Bob T.

Switzerland   June 2005   John (Limosa)

John excellent. An excellent tour that balanced birding, botany and butterflies. Taught me loads. Although first guided holiday for me, my second best holiday ever - first was trip to Galápagos // Amazon - a real highlight!   Anon

Spanish Pyrenees   June 2005   John (The Travelling Naturalist / Limosa)

Thank you very much for such a wonderful trip to that great Segre valley. I found the range of plants, butterflies and birds inspiring. You arranged a fascinating range of habitats for us to visit and we had some beautiful walks. You brought us to a grand finale on the last day with the mountain top and those memorable meadows at Meranges. It was also stimulating for me to be with such a good lot of naturalists. Thank you for all the effort you put in and for leading us so well. // Many, many thanks for a superb week's botanising. You organised everything so well, and I still can't get over the picnic lunches and all those wonderful snacks.   Kenneth C. // Rita H.

Catalan Pyrenees   June 2005   Teresa (Botanical Society of the British Isles)

John - perfect leader - just the right manner, very good all-round naturalist, very sharp eye and good humour // John was, as always, excellent both for his birding knowledge and his organisation // John was excellent all round with his superb knowledge of birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Very pleasant - he looked after us all very well.   Various Anon

Hungary   May 2005   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

John's knowledge astounded me - his ability to recognise birds from a distance, pin-point calls, and his local knowledge over a big area were amazing. I was very much a 'rookie', but at no time felt pressured by my ignorance // John is a splendid guide, and at least from my point of view, really did us proud. He has a very friendly approach and is an excellent and very observant leader - would definitely go on a trip of his leadership again // John's expertise was outstanding and I learned a lot. The inspirational effects lasting well beyond the trip were worth the cost of the holiday alone!   Various Anon

Andalucía & Extremadura   April 2005   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

Thank you once again for making our first guided birdwatch such an enjoyable experience. Your ability to share your amazing knowledge with such enthusiasm was greatly appreciated. We learned a great deal and had so much fun, as a result of which we shall be booking another trip next year.   Julia C. & Kate S.

Andalucía & Extremadura   April 2004   John (The Travelling Naturalist)

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